Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Very own SMASH BOOK and I sure smashed it ....

Well once I got over the fact that it was my book , for me , by me , and it had no theme other than to inspire me and make me smile. ..... I think I was okay. LOL.
I ended up buying a journal at walmart because I wanted lined paper. Not much colour selection but oh well. It came for 200 lined pages and was only 3 dollars.The first 2 photos are before the rest are after I attacked it. I knew I wanted some dividers so I dug out some DCWV paper I was hoarding and could " never use" because it was just to pretty. I also used draw and cut with my Gazzy and made the calender pockets supplied by Irishmist( i think) and Thank you. There is a calendar for each month. I also used Nelda's paper clip as my portable tabs. I decorated the pages and put pockets on the back of each divider. When at this point I tried to get it all back onto the O rings and it was a very very very tight fit So I had to change the O rings up to 1 inch wide. I thought I had to break it in so in 1 pic you will see part of my prisma pencil list , by colour. And you will notice a dragon pic that as off center when cut but rather than throw it away I stuck it in here for me to slowly colour. I also made a gloss nail polish (i use instead of smooch) list by colour. I knew if I did not use it right away I would not use it because it was too nice. I put the calender pages at the back with 2 lined pages behind each .. for notes. There is an Idea section and a House section. Elastic is looped over the front cover to hold it all into place. Oh and yes the T on the cover is ment to be at an odd angle ...... It suits me I am always off kilter. Yes the cover is busy but oh well I will get over it lol.
Sorry this post was so long please enjoy!


  1. I love this so much! I really want to make one but kinda scared to get started! lol. Thanks for sharing!!! DianainNM

  2. Wow!! You did a great job. I really this idea. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you for the smiles!