Monday, February 7, 2011

Mayhem and Destruction

I was brutal and it hurt. I must admit it was hard. I made a resolution of sorts to try my best to grab paper from the scrap BOXES. Rather than start a new piece of paper. I am getting better at using 4 or 5 different papers on my mat at one time. Soooo this was my day:
9am- Started to look for paper for a piecing I wanted to do. Pulled out scrap Boxes , dug thru and found my paper
9:45- Started to collect paper  for may second mat. Started to dig , Looked at my mess , realized these Boxes contain 4 years of paper crafting and learning, maybe it would be time to go thru them It won't take me long..... ( famous last words ). I took the first few inches of the box and plopped it into my chair to start sorting. I decided I was making a box for the local elementary school. Away I went in my sorting glee!

9:50 I look over at the Boxes and at my chair and decide this was not going to work, so I dumped The BOXES:
 10:00 am  cutting everything with scissors and trying really hard to sort but the paper is soooooooo pretty. I really dont want to throw it out no matter how small. Okay DEEP breath and repeat after me I CAN DO THIS < I CAN DO THIS < I CAN DO THIS !
10:45- Left Brain walks in and says Why are you cutting those buy hand do you not have a gillotine cutter?
11:00- Cutter is dusted off and Now I am Rockin!
12:15- The small 2 inch stack I originally put in my chair is done an I have not even started on the pile.
12:45- First coffee in hours, First trip to burning barrel. First thoughts  of " WHAT THE HECK HAVE I DONE? " What was I thinking? I wasn't thinking that was the problem.
2:00- Second trip to burning barrel , arm is getting sore from the cutter action. Hmmmmm
3:30- Third trip to burning barrel and the floor is swept and I am done! I did not get my piecing done that I wanted to but I did mange to get my scrap paper boxes down to the one cardboard box for the school and the crate I use is half full of squared off paper of various sizes. I will never let it get that bad ever again " again famous last words" Have fun all I am going to go look for A535 or something like it! ( ben gay?) Oh here is the last pic .....