Friday, June 7, 2013

Pinterest Hop

Welcome , please enjoy your  time
here. I am a pinterest Junkie. Yes I said it. 
I will stand up and yell if need 
be ( and believe me after 30 yrs 
of bartending you do not want that). 
I have a board I call 
Card Love ...

I could never pick just one to feature :(
I look all the time for inspiration.
The project i am showing here is some
of my home made post cards :)
Made to be stamped and sent.
The blog hop line up follows the pictures.
Please enjoy :)
P.S. Thank you big time to all the ladies in this hop:)

  •  Deborah ~ Http:// 
  • Nancy -
  • Inga -
  • Robin L. -
  • Lissa ~
  • Lori -
  • Jessie
  • Miranda -