Friday, July 30, 2010

ty for craft glue

Hi all. Well my glasses are still not here, arg UPS says next week, soooooooooooooo I got inventive with aleene's tacky glue. As long as I put 5 or 6 coats of glue on the break , I get 5 or so hours of wearing my glasses. Yippee. The first thing I did was start my cricut and told her how much I loved her and how much I missed her. Then I proceeded to cut out 100 snowflakes. Yp I said 100. The thought being .... last year i bought these small metal snowflakes from wal mart ( nice but expensive) so this year I tried cutting them. It worked great except I would suggest having something else to do in the time being. I think it took my cricut 1 and a half hours to cut them. They are great and I would cut them again.
I thought I would share my mat cleaning tactics ...

1. Wipe your mat with baby wipes after a few cuts , it helps with the little bits of paper
2. When I want to do a complete clean ( about once a month or so) I was my mat with GO-JO , the stuff    used in car places for getting grease and stuff off your hands. Put a tablespoon or 2 on your mat and rub it with your finger tips. Rinse well let dry, they are like new( very sticky). My favorite trick!
3. When I do find I need more stick on my mat, I use Krylon  Easy-tack repositionable adhesive.
4. Always keep mat covered when not in use .. the dust will play a part in cuts if it builds up.
5. this hint is not about the mat but It helps my cuts ...... I soak my blades in a little bit of methyl hydrate at night, you would be surprised the gunk that comes off. I use methyl hydrate because that is what left brain had in his shop, but I am sure other things would work.

Have a great day all and always enjoy what you do! I hope this helps.