Monday, March 26, 2012

Small Creative Spaces to Play In Blog Hop

Have your scrapping and paper crafts taken over an area of your home and that tiny cramped space is soooooo crowded there is barely room for you to sit let alone craft!!!! Oh my, have I hit the nail on the head --- oops, never mind there's no room even for a nail!!!! Us ingenious crafters always can find a space to craft and play with our paper and we're just going to do that and show you our craft space...

Now, don't call the show "Hoarders" on us because they will think we are going to be buried alive but we know better .... If you happened to stumble upon my blog today, I congradulate you that you found your way but would love for you to find your way to the door again --- see, its over there beyond that bag with the new papers and glue gun -- to the beginning of the hop which is Lisa at You should have arrived from showing of her space!!!!No, it doesn't get larger if you look at it through a magnifing glass!!!!

Now, that you have seen my craft of clutter, I must send you on your way to Vicki - oops oh no, watch that avalanche - oops, too late!