Monday, January 31, 2011

Card/Trinket box

This idea came from :

Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh yee poor Blog...............

Well here it is a new year! YIPPEE! I made a pac with myself to try yet again to keep my blog updated. No matter if I just say Hi or I share some work with you. I have been busy cutting with my new Gazelle , I think we may understand each other now :) I had a very quiet holiday, kids spread out to much :(  I have been busy online with a couple of sites. Make the Cut being number 1 of course. I love their forum. Everyone is very helpful. Me .... NOT in the technical end of this. Meaning cricut versions/ firmware/etc. The hook your machine up stuff. So after giving out the wrong information to someone, I now try and find someone who can help or I refer back to an old thread. There has also been alot of talk about copyright ...... MY VIEW.... Let me say right now , If I seem to have an image, or file or such , on my blog that is not given proper credit or has been used in the wrong way ... It was not done on purpose. I love the files I create , weather I trace an image , or I use a square and a triangle and such and build a file. I am creating which is why I bought Make the Cut in the first Place. It seems people are very easily offended which I mistakenly found out the Hard way.. Oh well. Live , Learn and Enjoy what you do!
Below are some cards which include , Treasure Box files, Lettering Delights files, and My very own " built" files. Please enjoy!