Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh yee poor Blog...............

Well here it is a new year! YIPPEE! I made a pac with myself to try yet again to keep my blog updated. No matter if I just say Hi or I share some work with you. I have been busy cutting with my new Gazelle , I think we may understand each other now :) I had a very quiet holiday, kids spread out to much :(  I have been busy online with a couple of sites. Make the Cut being number 1 of course. I love their forum. Everyone is very helpful. Me .... NOT in the technical end of this. Meaning cricut versions/ firmware/etc. The hook your machine up stuff. So after giving out the wrong information to someone, I now try and find someone who can help or I refer back to an old thread. There has also been alot of talk about copyright ...... MY VIEW.... Let me say right now , If I seem to have an image, or file or such , on my blog that is not given proper credit or has been used in the wrong way ... It was not done on purpose. I love the files I create , weather I trace an image , or I use a square and a triangle and such and build a file. I am creating which is why I bought Make the Cut in the first Place. It seems people are very easily offended which I mistakenly found out the Hard way.. Oh well. Live , Learn and Enjoy what you do!
Below are some cards which include , Treasure Box files, Lettering Delights files, and My very own " built" files. Please enjoy!

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  1. Don't know what happened and sorry for what happened, but thank you for my little comment and you have some adorable cards. PS Keeping up your blog for yourself and even others is a lot of work and I totally understand...haha


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