Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a note to say Hello I did not run away

For some reason my poor blog gets put on the backburner. Well alot is happening around here. We got our first snowfall last night. Argggggg. I dont mind snow I just dont like driving in it. I have my second craft fair on Sat. So have been busy getting ready. I also received my New Gazelle and It is a learning curve but the more I learn the more I am in LOVE! I am on mission today so I best get going!

Oh there is another MTC crop coming up I will post more details! Take care all and remember to enjoy what you do!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Make The Cut Crop!

Make-The-Cut Forum will be hosting their second Cybercrop this weekend! There will be a prize for EVERY challenge posted, and we have approximately 11 challenges. There will also be $25 grand prize and a runner up grand prize! All you have to do is to post your completed project in the challenge of your choosing. You do NOT have to do all of the challenges.

 We will also have our chat webinar open on Friday and Saturday Evening to chat other MTC's and to get assistance with your project if you need it! This is a great way to finish up some projects that you have sitting around or just to get some new inspiration! Anybody is welcome, you do not have to do just scrap book pages, we welcome all forms of creativity, including glass etching, vinyl, altered paper projects, card making, etc.

The Crop will
 Begin: Friday, October 8th at 5:00pm Central
 End: Sunday, October 10th at 8pm Central

Thank you Dana for the information.

Friday, September 24, 2010

What is distracting me .....

Here are a few cards I did today , I thought it would be nice to share so....................  I got the grinch file from " the grapevine scapper" tyty

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am alive....

Hi all I thought I had better touch base and at least say Hello ,.... I have had a crazy turn in life so was not here for a bit But am back and will be working on posting better and more often. I have been in my " room" and thought I would share my latest creations with everyone.......

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Cutter Time.....................

     Do you not own a cutter or know someone who does not. Do you just not have time to make embellishments for your cards or layouts? 
     I'm trying to raise money for a new cutter ( yippeee yahoo a Gazelle). I will be offering for sale a set of embellishments designed and inked by me. Each week the contents of the set will differ. 
        This weeks set will contain:
4 - 2&1/2 inch flowers
4 - 2 inch flowers
2 - 4 inch Butterflies

Each kits shapes are the same but the colours will vary. Each kit is $7.95. Shipping is listed with pay pal.  Please press the buy now button on the right to order your set. Thank you very much! Smile and always enjoy what you do.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and such.

Hi all. Yes I got my glasses so I have ignored blog land the last few days. Sorry. butttttttttttttttt YIPPEEEEE. I attended an online crop and worked on filling my embelishment drawer this week end. And loved every minute of it! This pic is about half 
Please keep smiling and enjoy what you do!

Friday, July 30, 2010

ty for craft glue

Hi all. Well my glasses are still not here, arg UPS says next week, soooooooooooooo I got inventive with aleene's tacky glue. As long as I put 5 or 6 coats of glue on the break , I get 5 or so hours of wearing my glasses. Yippee. The first thing I did was start my cricut and told her how much I loved her and how much I missed her. Then I proceeded to cut out 100 snowflakes. Yp I said 100. The thought being .... last year i bought these small metal snowflakes from wal mart ( nice but expensive) so this year I tried cutting them. It worked great except I would suggest having something else to do in the time being. I think it took my cricut 1 and a half hours to cut them. They are great and I would cut them again.
I thought I would share my mat cleaning tactics ...

1. Wipe your mat with baby wipes after a few cuts , it helps with the little bits of paper
2. When I want to do a complete clean ( about once a month or so) I was my mat with GO-JO , the stuff    used in car places for getting grease and stuff off your hands. Put a tablespoon or 2 on your mat and rub it with your finger tips. Rinse well let dry, they are like new( very sticky). My favorite trick!
3. When I do find I need more stick on my mat, I use Krylon  Easy-tack repositionable adhesive.
4. Always keep mat covered when not in use .. the dust will play a part in cuts if it builds up.
5. this hint is not about the mat but It helps my cuts ...... I soak my blades in a little bit of methyl hydrate at night, you would be surprised the gunk that comes off. I use methyl hydrate because that is what left brain had in his shop, but I am sure other things would work.

Have a great day all and always enjoy what you do! I hope this helps.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hi all. I had to share this video, it was from my daughter who lives 450 miles away. Yes I cried all thru it the first, second, and third time. Is the best! I love you Jamie!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hi everyone in blog land. My glasses are still not here so no craftroom yet. I am getting tired of wearing sunglasses all the time and it is an older Rx sooooo. Enough complaining. Guess what? I won my first blog candy.  I won a bottle of sulyn swirl glitter glue. Very cool and thank you. As I have no glasses to craft with I have been baking up a storm for when my boys and maybe company arrive in a week. So far in the freezer I have Pumpkin cranrasin loaf,  Pumpkin muffins, peanutbutter squares, shortbread squares, banana bread, cherry pie, carrot loaf, 2 batches of buns, and I am sure there is something I forgot to list. I so have the craft itch I cant wait for my new glasses to get here. I look forward to blogging more when I can see better. Big hugs and always enjoy what you do!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Where to start ....

Hello out there , I started this blog to talk about rural living, kind of. Yet I am compelled to lean towards crafting. I hope to share some of my ideas and designs. And in return I hope you give your feedback and ideas. I have a cricut and MTC as well as SCAL but must admit I know very little about scal. The cricut was a gift from a very astute left brain ( DH). I love my cricut and I love MTC. The learning curve has been exciting as well as frustrating but oh so worth it. I also have a wonderful Singer combo but poor Betty is packed away for now as I just have no room in my design studio. Did I just say that? When it comes right down to it this will always be my craft room. I took out a wall in 2 very small rooms when my kids left home but it is still a very small space and with consideration of 2 cat beds and 3 dog beds  and 1 husband chair the space is all mine. I am looking forward to the weeks to come and the imagination wire just a buzzing. Keep smiling and always enjoy what you are doing.