Friday, August 19, 2011

Bucket List Blog Hop!

Okay so I had this GREAT project for day 2 ...... LOL. After many many things going wrong here is a pic of my leftbrain wearing my project. I have always wanted to go to more  music concerts. I had a magazine to throw out and decided to make a bowl out of it. The magazine is all country music stars. Weird I know..... LOL . Due to un for seen things my bowl is not finnished but at least left brain had fun.

You can not see it very well but there is 5 layers so far in my bowl. Enjoy!

  1. Michelle - <-----Happy Birthday on the 18th
  2. Justina <-----Happy Birthday on the 28th
  3. Anita -
  4. Ashley -
  5. Amy -
  6. Maria -
  7. Tami -
  8. Sher
  9. Gina -
  10. Gill - <-----Happy Anniv on the 11th
  11. Linda T -
  12. Inga -
  13. Corrine-
  14. Lori-
  15. Nancy -
  16. Lisa -
  17. Wendy - <-----Happy Birthday on the 31st
  18. Jamie - <-----Happy Birthday on the 18th


  1. How are you making the bowl? Decoupage? Glad you're having fun with it!! :)

    Amy :) at

  2. Ha made me giggle! From what I can see it is going to be a great bowl..those country magazines are full of color...

  3. hahahaha, too funny. Hope you will show us the bowl when its finished and left brain is done with it. lol

    Smiles Sher

  4. looking forward to seeing the finished project as that sounds like such a fabby idea. my fav music is country music and have been fortunate to attend the country music fanfare event in 2004. i do hope to return one day but its a long way from the UK !

  5. This is funny! I love your model. I would never be able to get my husband to model for me like this. I hope you get the time to finish it. tfs Tami
    Tambo's Creations

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Thank you for the smiles!