Thursday, July 28, 2011

One of my Lovessssssssssssssssssssss

I needed to share my new found love. It is like the best Doodle Art you could imagine :) is where you will find the most amazing images. I have entered these in a challenge over there. Toes crossed.
This image drove me nuts ... it is a work in progress. I was so happy with how my object 
placement was and how many things I got in one image :) I had to enter it wether it was completed or not.
  This is entered in creative uses of images ... it is for my Daughter to remind her that even tho I am 450 miles away I am still watching her!

I hope these have brought a smile :)


  1. Beautiful Projects!! Wishing you good luck, I love how many images you were able to get in the first project. Fantastic Job.

  2. Inga you sure have brought a smile! Quite the chuckle actually! I hope your daughter liked it too! Your scene is incredible! I can't believe how many images you managed to throw in there!! You did a terrific job! Thanks so much for sharing the fun and celebrations at make it Crafty. Hugs xxoo


Thank you for the smiles!